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LLOYDS GS(LLGS) company is operating globally in diverse sectors of the energy industry. Our customise services cover in particular the supply of critical equipment for all energy projects such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Solar & Wind Farms and Bio fuels.

Both, our office and warehouse are located in United Kingdom. Here in the UK we are surrounded by the industries that was starting from this country and developed and move to other parts of the world. However, design & engineering knowledge are still here to help all factories & firms around the world.

Reliability is the core value of our philosophy. To guarantee a fast and enduring service, we have one of the most modern, fully automatic warehouses, in which we store various items of our well known suppliers.

The basis of our technological competence and profound knowhow lies in the performance of our highly qualified experts and a good knowledge management. This allows us to tailor equipment which perfectly corresponds to the demands of our customers. Our extensive knowhow constitutes immediate access to a broad range of equipment from leading global brand manufacturers to even meet the highest requirements of our clients.

Our Customers

With versatility and flexibility we serve our customers, who are operating in the field of oil and gas refinery, as well as in the petrochemical industry. Our well-established customers belong to the most significant corporate actors which are primarily based in Middle East countries. We supply almost all types of upstream and downstream equipment in the field of energy in general, and in particular for oil, gas and petrochemical applications. Beside procurement, the scope of our activity covers engineering and design as sole supplier or optionally as associate of a joint venture, subcontractor, or as local contract service provider.

Apart from our knowhow and focus on quality, our utmost concern is to determine relevant insufficiencies and to find issue-related solutions for our clients.

Keeping sensitive facilities like refinery, petrochemical and gas plants safe and efficient, it is essential to assiduously and precisely choose the correct equipment. Our policy is to supply exclusively original and genuine products from well-known brands in this field. In the following pages we have listed some of the brands we supplied to our customers in the last years.

Besides high product quality, we guarantee our clients premium service and delivery in time, to assure our customers complete product satisfaction. We are constantly striving to improve our performance with accurate communication and reliability.

Our Services

Used Plants

Used Plants

To respond to our customers′ needs more effectively, we command a wide-ranging list of used process plants and equipment for …


ROTARY Equipment

ROTARY Equipment

The diverse usage of pumps, compressors, trubines in the energy sector counts numerous applications. In the oil and gas field, and with our reputable partners we can provide the cost effective solution to our customers.




The diverse usage of pumps in the energy sector counts numerous applications. In the oil and gas field, applications range from transferring refinery sludge, crude and refined oil & gas through pipelines, to tank farms or tanker unloading.



Package Units

Package Units

To respond to our customers′ needs more effectively, we also command a wide-ranging list of used process plants and


Other Equipment


Within the scope of oil and gas, mechanical parts play a superordinate role. Any incorrect replacement of mechanical parts can trigger particularly cost-intensive damages, since the impact of sudden failures can cause severe complications within the production process. Hence, preciseness is fundamental and cautiously respected by our support team. we supplies various types of mechanical parts like bearings, mechanical seals, etc.



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